So I’m going to address improve vertical jump training Tulsa, each one of these as we kind of go through the first thing I’m going to start with this. I’m going to start with. If you go to page 26 we’re going to start with. Pmg. Now, Fortunately with Covid, we’re starting to get to a time period where things are getting somewhat back to normal for speed and agility training Tulsa. You know we’re getting kind of back to normal. We’re starting to see tournaments make again, and we’re starting to see groups be able to be. Would it be volleyball, softball, baseball, soccer, basketball? We’re starting to see the start List 707 get back together. We’re starting to see even the indoor sports basketball volleyball. We’re starting to see groups feel to get back together in States and then have tournaments. OK, I mean, I was in Atlanta last weekend. I was Atlanta last weekend.

If you wanna know what improve vertical jump training Tulsa looks like, that’s a list of questionnaires and interviews I’ve already set up for the next two weeks. For the next week and a half, I can’t tell you how many ideas ’cause it’s a bunch of us. You know what this is, by the way. That’s a questionnaire that’s been filled out by kids that I’ve said interview with. That’s what speed and agility training Tulsa really is, but you know, ultimately, what that is. Needs money. It’s funny, it’s green. ’cause when I get these and I start channel I start getting in front of these. No matter how I get him. 90% I’m going to enroll. Gay. But there’s a reason to get to this point. We’re going to talk about that today and tomorrow as well. How you get undo that point. That’s the piece of it, but it all starts with prospect prospecting is we’re going to start with tournaments first. Some of you have access to people that are running tournaments. Somebody you have access to code coaches and directors of tournaments.

Some of you have. Access to people that own big tournament companies that put all events and tournaments and showcases OK at the end of the day in speed and agility training Tulsa. That is a friend of yours that is somebody that you can improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We can once we teach you how and what to say and how to say it and how to structure those partnerships. A lot of times there’s partnerships to be had with those particular tournaments, but let’s just suppose. Pose that you got an event that’s coming up in 2 weeks and you really you know you don’t. You would like to get at least a little bit of the database before you get there. What we have done now is we try to get ahead of the curve. We try to reach out to organizations, build relationships with the tournament director so that we can maybe even get the term of book. Or the tournament center rosters registration before the tournament gets here? Why? So that we can then get that to the speed and agility training Tulsa office? Create a database in the begin the process of simply touching that database prior to the event to let them know that you’re going to be there scouting the event. And also let families and kids raise their hand to tell us that there’s somebody that wants to be evaluated to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

Which tells us, then, that somebody that we need to see and then tells us that if we like him, then we’re going to set up a time to have a conversation with them. But the lead starts with prospecting tournaments. Now use two days gone by. Y’all can remember this. For those of you that were basketball and baseball softball guys, it was all in tournament book. Should go to the end of the Oregon Trail for basketball and it was a big book that they gave out to all the coaches is a big old thick book with all the teams and rosters in it and all that kind of stuff. There’s very few of those still floating around. Nowadays it’s all done. Soft copyrights all done and spreadsheet it’s all sitting out there where it can be really touched with one finger and electronically. They can touch the entire database with no big deal for speed and agility training Tulsa. That’s what that’s what we’re trying to do as well as we want those rosters. If we can get him. We want those tournaments. Now suppose you go to an event this weekend and there’s not a you know you don’t know the tournament director. Great, fair enough. But you get there, and then you realize it on the back of each dugout on the fence. Each team on each side. They’ve got those little sheets you know, there’s little player profile sheets that they are handed out to all the coaches y’all seen. Those. OK, I think it’s funny but but they do improve vertical jump training Tulsa and so you know and they stick him out there. You want to use and get every opportunity to tournaments to get information before you get there.

If you can, you want to partner with those anytime you’re going to partner with the organization or partner with a with a tournament you anytime you want to approach one of those, I’m your contact for that. That fits up my alley of expertise System, Go station contracts and gotiations. Of tournaments and and partnerships. And so we’ll we’ll work through that together to benefit both parties so that we bring value to them, and they bring value to us. The biggest thing I have about guys when they go to tournaments for the first time is they sometimes they don’t know how to act. Are there OK? Oh, here’s what I mean by speed and agility training Tulsa. Especially my younger guys, my younger guys. You know you walk into a place and there’s somebody at the desk, right when you walk up, you know that the gate, and you know they’re taking up that $10 for admission to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and and you know you.