So a lot of times when kids say they’re committed to improve vertical jump training Tulsa as freshmen, that’s not real. A lot of times it’s not real. Right? That’s what I always thought and I keep telling my athletes stop posting that you’re committed to speed and agility training Tulsa your freshman year or sophomore year. You’re taking away future possible offers. Being committed and being offered so. I know, but you know what I’m saying. I’m not gonna say I’m committed my sophomore year when I make it better my junior year. And then he’s they see I’m committed all over my social media. Offers that early know, right? Fly kids and parents like oh, I know that’s why I don’t post it. Don’t post it on social media. I think that if I say I did this or I got an offer that they didn’t get, that that’s gonna help them to get other offers. The fact is the coaches talking, they realize that kids blowing smoke nobody’s offered him to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and then they just like bold the kid, right, exactly that’s why I’m telling him. Don’t post that stuff. So yeah, freshmen aren’t committing like that a lesser commit to junior college or an AI. Or D3. So there is a graph out there that shows the dates on these like. Like Handbook until.

For each forward, you can define exactly the calendar of what they can do, and it is different by sport. OK, I thought I’d seen speed and agility training Tulsa, I just couldn’t remember the reason for your sport. You need to get very familiar with that calendar. We will talk more about it. This is just kind of the initial hit and over the top of this. Alright, so if you look at page 14 you can kind of look at the. ACT S80 stuff. We don’t have to go through improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I do want to mention superstores. Do you know what a super score is? When they take your test then add. Add all the scores up. It’s like the best cumulative score that you can possibly have for more. Your best science and you pick the four best parts for a essay on AC T Create that score that is a super score. The eligibility Center accepts super scores. A number of colleges will accept super scores as well. A number will not. So if you got a coach that’s saying, hey, I need speed and agility training Tulsa. You need to find out is that one test score or is that a super score coach? What can you take? Can you take both? I, let’s look at this next part.

This might help some of this. We’re going to start up talking about the four phases of her creating OK, so I’m on page 15 if you wanna hang with me there. Or we’re gonna go over this in the interview. We’re gonna touch on improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If you’re doing a recruiting seminar, you’re gonna go over the four stages of recruiting. We’re gonna hit them now. You’re gonna hear this again on Wednesday when we do the the interview with you. But so I just want to get started here, but first one is identification recognition speed and agility training Tulsa. That’s the first phase. I’ve gotten here starts at different times depending on the sport and level. So I need you to think with me here. OK. Softball back before the changes of recent softball recruiting was getting started. Really powerful in 7th grade, 7th and 8th grade, they were finding Beast in 7th and 8th grade. The CW has tried to slow that down so they slowed down when they can make offers. Now Jerry, they can’t make offers as early as they used to be. They used to be getting kids to commit in the 7th and 8th grade, and they won’t let him do that now. Um? Not at the Division One level of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. But softball is still one of the earliest sports to begin the recruiting process. Identification recognition starts 7th and 8th grade. Baseball doesn’t start as early as softball. Why would that be? Always mature later or.

Where where is 7th and 8th grade girls speed and agility training Tulsa? Can you can already tell some girls or beast? Chris, your daughter was probably a beast in 7th and 8th grade, right? We were committed in 8th grade. No, that’s better bad, but we were. Do it back then, right? Yes. You can’t do anything. Then we she committed in January role changed in April so. Under that, but yeah, you can tell these volleyball volleyball as well. You can tell these girls said the nature and awesome you can tell the beast athlete. Sometimes the boys you can’t tell until not their 10th grade. They may not have had a growth spurt. They not may not have their coordination yet for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You know you’ve all seen, not spray boys that look like little bitty tiny mites, and then you see not grade boys that are huge and their walking side by side and they are the same age and overtime. It’s going to kind of level out, but right now it’s really awkward. If you’re looking at a kid that’s that tiny mite, he’s not ready for this yet. You’re looking at a kid that’s already kind of in his manly body. That’s a different story.

I was four £1190.00 when I hit high school. And there was your your next door neighbor might have been 6/2. Yep, it was actually just looked ridiculous together. So so that’s how it is with boys. Girls tend to mature so much earlier so softball very early. You may think it’s ironic that Mens basketball is very early, but let me explain what I’m talking about speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s not all men’s basketball. I’m talking about those inner city kids that have been playing basketball since they could walk. And. I don’t know if you remember this. I know that Todd will that at I don’t know how many years ago they came out, the NCAA came out and said eighth grade boys.