What was the AC T requirement 2121? 1060 or 21. So if you’re doing an interview for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Or you’re at the field and you ask somebody what their AC T score is. They said they don’t have speed and agility training Tulsa, or they say they have an 18 or 19. You know, senior contract never comes up in this discussion. I don’t ever tell a family I can’t offer you the senior contract because you don’t have a good enough basic note. They should never know about the senior contract if they don’t qualify. Alright, what’s another difference you noticed in the senior contract? What else is missing? No social media promotion? OK, that’s just a mistake on our part. We’re going to promote everybody so no junior college extended service. Here. OK. So what that means is you don’t need to sell a senior contract. If Juico is a realistic option. Someone to tell you for baseball. Jerry, you’re virtually never gonna sell a senior contract for speed and agility training Tulsa, right?

It almost is out of your vocabulary. It just doesn’t make sense. Yeah, however in volleyball. I hate junior college is just not a good experience for almost everybody. You may disagree with me there Korean. If you do improve vertical jump training Tulsa, I apologize, but in this South junior college volleyball is bad. Yeah, my wife played volleyball in Jucos. She played, it must have been bad. That is so wrong. I’m not saying the athletes are bad, I’m saying the experience and the coaches are usually good. Yeah, I mean we had a kid that had to go JUCO down here in Alabama because she couldn’t get her AC T up. And at that point we didn’t have you score. If she had used course she got her AC T up and she had gone somewhere. Probably division two. She didn’t have that opportunity so she had to go JUCO locally. She had to run the practices, but because the coach didn’t know how to. Wow, that’s how bad it is speed and agility training Tulsa. Not bad for all of them, but down here, JUCO ball ball is not good. All that to say, if Juko is a realistic option for a kid, you should never bring up the senior contract for improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

OK, these are not decisions that I need you sharing with the family. These are things you need to know about whether I’m going to offer a product or not. OK. So is JUCO an option #3? Yeah, Juko is not an option right now. I know, yeah, that’s the third requirement. Alright, what else did you notice? Portscan recommendation OK. Why do we not have sports camp recommendations? Winter sports camps usually over the summer over the summer, and this doesn’t start till September 1st of their senior year, so that’s that’s that one. Alright, still looking for two more requirements for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. One of them, I’ll go ahead and share with you because I don’t know that you can get it from just from what’s missing. They’ve gotta have at least a 3.0 GPA. Because keep in mind, this contract doesn’t include junior college speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, so they gotta have qualifying grades and test scores to go onto a 40 or school. So that’s the fourth thing. 3.0 GPA. We’re looking for one more thing. No video edits OK, but it’s more than just no video edits. What does it say? 5 minutes of posts. OK, they have to already have a 5 minute or less edited video. We do not edit it, we will host it on our site.

That is a big deal that keeps a lot of kids from qualifying for a senior contract as a lot of kids don’t have a video for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. But they don’t have a video at that point. You can never offer senior. But and I’m going to tell you, you should almost never offer the senior contract, right? OK, is this just a very niche product? Let me explain to you why we even created it, OK? And we only credit. I don’t know 3-4 years ago, but we had ourselves as a scout. I would find myself occasionally in a position where maybe it was late in senior year. A kid popped up on my radar. That I knew could play and I had a handful of schools, three or four schools that I knew. Right now we’re looking for that kid. And all I was gonna have to do was connect these. And we were going to have a commitment pretty quickly for speed and agility training Tulsa. That’s basically what the senior contractors for the senior contract is not to let a kid go through the recruiting process for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It’s much smaller than that. It’s more of a placement program almost, and you gotta know that those opportunities are at their before you out there before you sign a singer contract. So there are certain kids I’m never going to sign a senior contract too.

A quarterback. That wants to play quarterback in college. I’m not going to sign that as a senior. Because if I were to pick up a senior quarterback, I need to do an elite. So I have at least a little bit more to work with here. You know, I don’t wanna sign up a labero late senior year unless I know, uh, 3/4 schools right now. Corey, that I’m gonna connect that kid too. And that’s going to be a match made in heaven and we’re going to go from there. So I really consider it more of a placement program than letting a kid go through the recruiting process for speed and agility training Tulsa. Does that make sense? He got I got a question for you. Obviously I’m coaching over at the high school and some kids were just never knew about the recruiting process and there we have some good seniors graduating with no offers. And they’re graduating right now. Just send him the JUCO. But the best we can do right now? Well, are you talking about baseball baseball? You know it is going to depend on their grades, their test scores, exactly what they have. You’re going to get some feelers out and you’re gonna know what’s available.