If I’m working with an FBS Division One improve vertical jump training Tulsa kid, I know what the scholarship is. It’s 100%. Is that something that can speed and agility training Tulsa? Outside of that, outside of a head count, I don’t know. Sometimes parents will say they gave us 70% or while this is a 30,000 a year scholarship, they’ll tell us things like that. I don’t ask for it, and I don’t respond to it. I’m not going to tell them well. You should get more than that because I’ve crossed that line when I start doing that. Do you have? The doors for them to walk through. They come and ask me, is this a good scholarship to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? I’m probably going to say something like if it’s where she wants to go, and it’s a reasonable package and y’all can. It’s a good fit for y’all. Then it’s the perfect place. If it were my daughter, I would probably want more.

I might consider that, but that’s as far as I can go. OK. Right, we’re opening. Doors were helping them build those relationships that they can’t seem to connect over. Doing that, and then we step back. So most of the time it’s very rare for me and Robert to know what what offers are. Kids actually got money wise. Well, you know in softball it’s an unwritten rule that you don’t talk about money. Some people somebody break that role obviously, but in softball it’s unwritten to do speed and agility training Tulsa. You don’t ask that question. You don’t even bring up that issue. But if if a kid comes and says, well, we got offered to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I just wanna know how you want us to respond so that we’re doing the right thing. I want you to think about this, Chris. You got a kid. And say some big program is wanting to is offering them and the parents come to you and said, this is what they’re offering, would you think and you come back with? Well, I think she’s worth more than that. I think they ought to be paying. I think it would be bigger than that, and that mom and Dad goes back, he said, listen, we talked to our NSR guy and he said that’s probably, you know this is too low. We should get and they will and they will. You got another kid.

You got another NSR, kid. That would be a great fit there is that coach going to look at that kid now improve vertical jump training Tulsa? No, because they’re going to die. He’s gonna keep bumping up the price. He’s going to tell them to keep asking for more. See how we get cross with the coaches. If we’re not careful about speed and agility training Tulsa. I walk attack Rd between the coaches in the family. And I don’t talk money with either one of them. So, so you basically are like, well, someone stole introduced us and we got married. So we’re just in the introducing phase, right? We’re introducing if if they’re trying to figure out your, I’m telling you at the offer point their relationship is strong enough that it doesn’t include you anymore most of the time, and that’s how it should be good. Yeah, I agree. Hey, I’ve got her going to a camp. Are you looking for this position? No I’m not. I’m pull up on that position then she doesn’t need to come to that camp. That’s the kind of questions you’re asking on the front end to try to facilitate offers on the back end, but you’re not going to be involved in the in the upper stage. Thank you alright. Waiting for remove an to knowing our target market. Alright, I’m on page 19 about to be on page 20. No, when I target market. Now keep in mind if we were in training right now, you wouldn’t be able to see all this speed and agility training Tulsa stuff. I would be just bring it out line by line so you can see it all, but I want you to stay with me and get this ’cause a lot of people don’t get to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

A lot of scouts get real confused about this. Green Bay is a family that plays high school ball that’s Group 8. Great B is a family that plays club and travel. They usually play both, but they at least play private club and travel OK. So usually Group B is a kid that’s playing multiple seasons, right? Group C is an altered add altogether, different animal. Group C is the family that sees you as the scout. How would a family see you as the scout for speed and agility training Tulsa? Making your presence at all at the high school games in the travel Ball Games tournaments, I thought they saw you evaluated. That’s the best way that I can see you. That’s the best way, OK, however, they do improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Social media. Exactly Todd, they might say social media and they might say, wow, this dude really is a scout. Look at all these kids he’s working with, you know? Yeah, that could happen. Which of these Group A Group B Group C which one is going to have the highest closing rate? See, obviously obviously. It’s almost always a kid that plays Highschool Place club and travel and the family sees you as the scout and I’m gonna tell you when they can see you with their eyes as they can see you at the field or at the court evaluating their kid. That enrollment rate just goes way up. That closing rate goes way up. Any questions about that? Everybody good. Yep, all right now we’re going to talk about our perfect demographic. No, just saying when I say perfect demographic for speed and agility training Tulsa. this is the demographic would be highest closing rate. It does not mean these are the only kids we work with. This is the demographic with the highest closing rate. Y’all can all read wise female up there. Why is it female versus male? They typically get better grades. It’s under under, under approval under service. I like under represented. I like that.