OK, so having said that I’m going to stop sharing new now you as a coach knowing what we just talked about. How would you rank in order so obviously we have six skills and Bible and in my gym. there is one that I called the 7th the 7th scale and I’ll explain in a second but we have six skills which is what they all want and if you have to rank them in order of importance one through 6 how would you rank them.

I would say 1) passing 2) serving in the men’s game it’s the opposite serving passing but no matter how you look at it is serving in passing and then comes 3) hitting benkum 4) setting 5) digging and then 6) blocking. Of course hitting and blocking its imperative to improve vertical jump training Tulsa . why is it important for you to know this because when you plan where you when you design your practices after getting in speed and agility training Tulsa. You need to know what your team how many repetitions of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Do you need to give your team you can never do enough serving in passing you can do enough hitting and blocking, and you can ever and enough speed and agility training. But you can never do serving in passing I mean it’s just it’s something that you have to do on a daily on daily basis. OK, hitting obviously there’s so much you can jump and the knees, its tough on the knee so take full advantage of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That’s why is important to schedule easy leg days for recovery when doing a speed and agility training program.

All this factor but we’ll talk about the five shots and all that stuff anything that we can to score more kills. OK, so any questions before we move on to you know talking about that you’re good. OK, so let me share the screen again with you guys 1,2….3,4 lot of coaches gold nella square maybe the art of coaching volleyball everybody says slow too fast. Slow faster fastest small bigger biggest in a way it’s true. OK, even when we are talking about speed and agility training, but why the way i like to teach it. Is the step close step close on the most important steps the only reason why you take the 1st 2 steps so you can step close in the end. So the way I like to teach hitting is 1,2, 1,2 balls 1/2 1/2 balls one tooth. I actually like my hitters to take the 1st 2 steps and pause.

OK, so you want your left foot to be on the 10 foot line and pause you see the set you go to it. This is how you improve vertical jump training Tulsa OK., In a literally I just wanted to take it early like I don’t mind if they just take it early and then they wait for the seller to set the ball and then they just stepped close I got zero problem. If they do this in practice and as they get better at that their rhythm gets better they go 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 but first I really want to emphasize pausing on that first on that second step, and then getting their feet to the ball with the 3rd and the 4th. any questions? So slow super fast speed and agility training, so I’m going to show you guys this actually the best thing to do. Is to share the screen I think maybe I’ll let me see her h,i I’m gonna stop sharing I don’t think you guys 07 skills. yeah I’m gonna explain it i’ll answer the question in a second let me just do this do you see here where improve vertical jump training Tulsa comes into effect?

We got about we talked about the six skills you know you gotta have: the six skills to be a good ballplayer but what’s gonna make you really really good what’s going to take you from being good to great is your vision. You know Chris Paul for example if you want to use basketball, Chris Paul is not you know I wouldn’t consider him as the most athletic basketball player out there, but he’s a point guard. Where the good with good eye work good vision good anticipation skills, you know as he’s dribbling the ball he knows exactly what everybody is on the court who’s behind him. As you know so that takes a lot of work that’s what separates the good from the great OK. He works hard to improve vertical jump training in Tulsa, or OKC doesn’t matter. Same thing in global vision hitters whether you ought to settle your hitter your server so that’s the seventh tier skill. Good at all right! So let me play this smart I need to skip the ads I need to move this here, OK. So this is a good anyway it’s it’s a video that I found a lot but I thought he did a good job explaining the approach big or small 1/2 and I want to I like that In broad jumping, and feet for the ball I’ll get to it in a second but again like I said this is just a video, that I found online but I thought he did a good job with going slow ½. There’s a small pause and then 1/2 here like today I’m working with my hitters and I you know coach at JC so I get a lot of kids who are very underdeveloped in speed and agility training Tulsa.

So they need a lot of training and that’s the one thing that I am working with all the hitters I mean whether you’re a middle opposite I tell them take your first steps early, and then pause, pause. Put a lot of emphasis on the step close which is the last two steps what’s the difference between the broad jump and getting your feet to the ball the broad jumping in my opinion is is something that you need. You can broad jump in the like if the ball is here in this plane, I don’t mind the broad jumping. As long as it is in the same plane the problem with broad jumping is you cannot broad jump, and get your feet to the ball at the same time so the broad jumping is kind of critical. I’m going to explain myself better by saying like for example if you’re running a quick office the faster the set the more broad jump you have to do and when I say more broad jump