It’s just not a good rule of thumb to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK, and I know for lacrosse I have a lot of tournaments and generally it’s like a mixed bag. I feel like of players, but is there anyway you could tell speed and agility training Tulsa? With tournament wise like they do like random assignments and whoever is you know it’s up to you if you want go to showcase is yeah, showcase. You know I’m not across can be a little confusing ’cause you got a lot of kids that are insert in D1 then somebody list didn’t read three and they said some D3 programs are really strong and you know so it can get kinda muddled. It’s not maybe as clear cut as some of the other sports. But you know, I don’t care when I go to an event. I’m looking for kids I can play at the next level. I don’t have to work with the one kids. And matter of fact, if I want my life to be the simplest, I’m not going to take on tons of D1 kids for improve vertical jump training Tulsa just to be honest. I mean D3 in AI kids are just as excited on Sunday, and they’re a lot less headache. And and it’s a lot easier to get a date clear in AI coach to pull the trigger.

Then it is a D1 coach. There ’cause they’re really decided that they’re they’re concerned about speed and agility training Tulsa, and they’re worried about, you know, I gotta get somebody better, better, better. Whereas dethrone AI, maybe not pushing quite as hard, they’re just looking for good athletes that they can work with. I’m going to work with D1 athletes, but I’m not gonna only go to events that the one athletes are at. That’s not reasonable. OK, thanks to Susan, since we’re on the Division 123 and yadda yadda what? What’s the percentage breakdown for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? NSR commits 30% of our kids are Division One. And the rest are going to fall out otherwise, but but I I know the Division One number because that’s a common question we get. But let me explain what percentage 30% breaks down how, though, because it’s probably not 30%. There’s probably not a large percentage of that 30 that’s basketball or football. It would probably be other other sports for speed and agility training Tulsa. Many respects those kids. If there be major our major they’re not. You know they’re not involved with us in many respects. ’cause they. The cables go. Most of our football kids are Division One. But we don’t work with a ton of them anymore because improve vertical jump training Tulsa is a lot of work. And there’s a I can do.

A lot of other things easier. Basketball, you know, there’s one school. There’s one area of 1 sport, but I’m gonna tell you, I don’t. I’m not interested in you working in, and that’s that highest level of Mens basketball that we talked about earlier. That is so corrupt in the recruiting. I just stay away from that. I’m some is basketball. I would give you that women’s basketball. I wave work with Division One. Work what time? ’cause I don’t work with has a basketball. But you know, I mean, if you were to ask football players that did improve vertical jump training Tulsa, I would think most of you would know OJ Howard. And if you don’t, you need to Google in speed and agility training Tulsa. I mean, he was definitely an athlete that Robert found at a school at a little Christian playing in the private League in Alabama. Coach could his high school coach could not get a college coach to call him back. Robert turn, that’s cool upside down now. Would OJ cat place somewhere? Yeah, but he wouldn’t have started it Alabama. Because we got him that exposure and so we’ve got a lot of kids that are playing in the League.

So yeah, we have some very high caliber football kids. We have some very high caliber softball kids. But I’m not. We’re good at what we do and if you get a Division One talent kid. We will get them Division One offers. But we’re not so good at what we do that we can take a D2 kid and make him or her a D1 kid for speed and agility training Tulsa. That doesn’t happen. And that’s what you understand when parents start asking you question. How many D1 kids do you have? How many D1 offers for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? You may get a parent like that. They’ve got understand if I gotta do one kid, they’re gonna get the one offers, but I’m not gonna get the one offers for kids that don’t have that skill set. Or the size or the academics or the whole package? Does that help? Does that answer? Is fewer Division One schools? You know versus the Division Three. Well, we said there’s one percent 1% of high school and travel kids are gonna play Division One and half of 1% is gonna play Power 5. I don’t.

I don’t make up those numbers. That’s easy AA numbers. So one out of 100 kids are gonna play Division One. But I’m telling you only 5% are gonna pay play. So 4% are going to pay play D2D3 in AI and JUCO. It’s still the 5% club. It’s still a freaking big deal to do speed and agility training Tulsa. Absolutely. But that’s cool pants, gotta hear. You’re not going to work with a ton of power five kids. You’re not because there’s one in 200 is powerful kid. It’s some power five kids blue chip and have had just enough publicity in media that they don’t need our help. Very small percent. I’m not going to fight that battle. I’m not looking for a kid that has an offer. I tell new scouts all the time. I’m looking for the best kid on the field without an offer. The best field on the court without the best kid on the court without an offer. The only time I will go back on that. Is it?