Is if you don’t pull in this point right now, the kid telling you that they’re committed and their dreams to play in college improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If they don’t say it, then when you get to the end of the interview for speed and agility training Tulsa, it’s going to be really simple for the dad to say, well, you know we need to talk about this and make sure that little Jimmy is really committed. But if it’s sad in the interview. And then I will teach you how to get the parents to agree that they’re committed. You’ll never hear. We need to talk about it and make sure he’s committed. ’cause all that was handled early on. So #2, you’re going to talk about their commitment, what they wanted, their dream. Now we’re 2520 to 25 minutes into this, and we’re not even finished with number 2 yet. For every minute you’re under 20 minutes to 25 minutes. I’ll #2. We wanted to together take 10% of your clothes it well, yeah, 10% of your closing and throw it out the door.

So if you go 15 minutes. And that’s 10 minutes past speed and agility training Tulsa. There’s 100% chance this ain’t closing or not. I realize odds don’t always follow each deal, but I’m telling you time overtime in a closed improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And that’s a little excessive, but I drove home the excess for you to get the point. The truth is, for every minute or so that’s less than 25 minutes. You can take about 5% off the likelihood it’s going close. So if you’re 10 minutes short, you can figure that truly only half over going close at night ’cause you didn’t build enough report. Unit build up value and hearing what the kids said. Guys, if you will listen to people they will tell you how to close. If you will listen to people, they will tell you how to close it. Don’t be so busy trying to talk yourself. But you list don’t listen what they’re saying. Some of us had struggle struggle for me sometimes. I. #3 the purpose of #3 is just for them to understand that they that their academics are important and they’re going to do speed and agility training Tulsa. They need to be focused on that, and I usually ask a question here at #3.

I usually kind of mix in hey, how far is too far from home to go to school? That way the kids got some kind of, you know, figure problem by going far off it kind of comes up here for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Psychology and one through basically one through three, is to keep it all about the kid. We’re 2530 minutes in now. Your Question Time question is from your standpoint. With number 3 is this the? Is this the first time you may? Ring upper abroach faster and whether or not they’ve done to financial aid information or you broke that in previous. I’m not gonna, I’m not. I’m not ever going to broach the fast for stuff and all this because keep in mind probably 70% of the athletes I talked to or 8th, 9th and 10th grade kids in speed and agility training Tulsa. They’re not even anywhere near the fast phase. OK, so I don’t even get into that. I really get into it with juniors at this point ’cause contilli add until they absolutely apply to school fast was not going to be an issue really. So we just get. We’ll talk about that in the process of me helping him once I’m already involved. OK. Question. Will get into number 45. We’re going to change, but we’re going to change the psychology behind things just a little bit. Numbers one and two and three are all about the kid. It’s all about the kid excitement, so we’re 30 minutes to 40 minutes into a conversation once we get down through #3 and then once we get to #4 and five. At this point of improve vertical jump training Tulsa, it’s not going to change. It’s not going to go from them to now. You’re going to talk about not in Sr, but you’re going to talk about you being the expert in the academic piece of this and you being the expert in the knowledge of speed and agility training Tulsa. Of the four stages and the recruiting rules OK.

So the first section there on that roller coaster they wrote either feeling high about themselves or feeling good. Now it’s a slow, meandering down before the before the bottom drops. And the reason I say that is in Section 5. This is where we’re going to get real with. Section 5 is gonna get real. Let me tell you why it’s going to get real. I’m going to take the time to talk about the NCAA Eligibility Center and then they I, LG Builders Center and what speed and agility training Tulsa means. I’m going to let him know that all that means is they got a number and their guidance counselors are going to be getting emails from the Na ion. Incidentally, to get transcripts about, then that’s really all that means. They gotta get filterability center improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Then I’ll talk to him about and I’m gonna have no.

I’m gonna know the sport I’m gonna know what year they are and I’m going to go to my NCAA out student outbound book that you guys had a little test on. Go to the back and look at that. Look at that chart and I will know what the contact. Is. The dead. All that kind of when they can make a phone call to the coaching that sport when a coach can call them. All that stuff I will be able to talk about right there and contact. Section we can coach evaluates you were going to talk about it at this point of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Become a recruiting expert first then we can branch out into other sports and learn to be an expert in each individual sport.