Susan and I are evaluates athletes that improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You know, we start having scheduling interviews with families while we’re there for speed and agility training Tulsa. So we’ve got a little room couple rooms off at the Convention Center that they’ve given us. We’re doing interviews during, you know, in between. In between matches with these families and and when they finish playing. So Susan are doing these things and I I missed. 22 didn’t close. As she misses to the first two she did, they didn’t close. Well, let me tell you a secret OK, and then you take this anyway. You want to clear if I miss two in a row and she misses two in a row. The Apocalypse is coming to speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, the stars in the moon is not lined up. Something’s wrong. Yeah, there’s a problem Houston. We have a problem. So I’m playing it sitting there thinking in my normal presentation on improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

When I go through things these people didn’t get excited with me. These people didn’t get excited about the what we were doing. These people didn’t get excited about the solution to their problem. It was like these people had seen it before. So when I get a text, Susan or Susan text me after her second, then close. She says we have a problem. Now we haven’t talked yet, so I’ve made her out in the Hall of speed and agility training Tulsa. I said I have a problem too. She goes, these people know what we’re going to talk to him about. I want how do you know she goes because they’re not surprised. I said I was thinking the same thing. There’s no, there’s a wow factor. There’s no excitement. It’s like they’ve seen this she goes that’s it. Call elvin. So I text Elvin and I say Ellen, where you improve vertical jump training Tulsa? And he’s like I’m I’m on the other side of the Convention, so you get I need to meet you in the lobby right now, man I said no no right now and so he comes and I said open I need to talk to you about your recruiting some she did showcase yeah I said So what did you do?

He said, well, I did like you tell me too. I go know you didn’t. If you did it just like you said there’s no way you did it just like I trained you to do it none. I said walk me through what you did. He said, well, we got on here for speed and agility training Tulsa. We took and then I did the PowerPoint. So you did what? Now you said the PowerPoint. I said the PowerPoint is another PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint like that and I said look, I got you Spanglish. It’s all good. You said PowerPoint, he goes. Yeah I said who told you to present a PowerPoint with these people improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Well, I thought I needed to share with him the services. You need to share with him what? So let me get this right. You own your own. Decided to create a PowerPoint. And all the PowerPoint you put a bunch of services up there. In other words, you put our contract up on the screen. And you showed these people what we do before we ever met with him inside. We want to meet with him. Well, I needed to send you all element. Here’s what you did, OK? 32 it’s time. It’s 3295 thirty 295 * 4. What is that? He did is mad. 15,000 OK Great 15 grand. I said you just cost NSR $15,000. And you cost yourself.

Half of that because you’re a licensee. But they know, but I don’t. You added to what I told you to add to. These people were already they already, there was no wow factor for speed and agility training Tulsa. These people did account for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They did a courtesy sitting with us in this meeting. But they think they can do it on their own, ’cause you’ve already showed them the solution. I said now that we know what you did. I can fix it moving forward with each one of these families. Now I know exactly how to play cards with them. And we ended up rolling about the next eight or nine kids out of that. And then a bunch of kids afterwards. The point I’m trying to make is in a recruiting seminar. You don’t give out pamphlets. You don’t put information in people’s hands. And you don’t freaking put stuff on the screen. You make them come to you. For the answers and the solution. Guys, I think I speak publicly all over the country. Ah, do not ever. Whether it’s in church, whether it’s to an inspirational, motivational for Corporation, or whether it’s doing the recruiting session for speed and agility training Tulsa. I’d never hand out any information. And I never put anything on a screen. You know why? ’cause whoever wrote the information, whoever put it on the screen as the expert. I then just become a guy that’s reading it too.

But when there’s nothing in their hand and you have to listen to what I’m saying. It’s authentic and I am now the one expert on the matter and you will come to me for answers to questions. And that is the way that you get peoples attention and the way that you capture. It’s posturing and positioning Jack. And that’s the way it works. Guys, it’s 1125. We have rolled hard this morning. I know your bladder is killing you. Your throat dry. Let’s take a 15 minute break here and come back at 11:40 Susan will take you in from there to lunch, probably for about 45 minutes to an hour, and then we’re going to go from there to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So everybody take a break. Just leave you cameras up and mute your phones and we’ll get back to him about 15 minutes. Right looking for Jack. Looking for Chris. Looking for Nate. Hi so page 32 personal scouting in the field where to stand? You know we’ve already touched on this just wanna make sure that the more you’ve heard about prospecting and that all that kind of makes sense.