Make sure that you’re eligible play at the NCAA. Did 1 fish two leve improve vertical jump training Tulsa l? In fact, mom and dad should do speed and agility training Tulsa. I must say this. I may ask this question for today. Is this how many juniors I got sitting in this room? Wow, OK, young lady you’re softball clear right? OK, good deal. You know, September 1st this past did you get a call from a D1 code? We’ll talk about that later. OK, OK well OK good deal. We got a bunch of bunch of teaching here now Junior here sitting here right now and you’re not absolutely talking to coaches. Communicate with them at your level today. Not your high school coach not to travel ball coach because they don’t have any eligibility left. Do you go just you gotta left? You don’t do you do speed and agility training Tulsa? OK, so it’s about you guys. If you’re not communicating with him and you’re not one of the four stages of the recruiting process guys, you’re not being recruited. I don’t care how many questionnaires you got, I don’t care how many emails you sent out about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If you’re not communicating with that coach at this point. I’m in here Junior.

Here’s something else. If you haven’t gotten your insert double eligibility number and you don’t have any iOS building number, you must understand that you can’t even go on an official visit at one of those places, in fact. They really can’t even recruit you. NCAA Eligibility Center is a big deal. You have to understand the myth is not true. You got to have good grades. You have got to have good grades and get the eligibility super. I mean I’m asking other questions about this myth. Y’all heard this before, right? If I’m good enough, they’ll find me. What do you think? Is that true? Somebody you’re saying to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Head back there? I got somebody over here says yeah, they’re good enough for speed and agility training Tulsa, they’ll find material store real quick. Few years ago my wife and I were going up to place in Tennessee to do recruiting scenario, just like we’re doing here tonight with you guys and we were on our way and and this is back when he still had some blackberries or blueberries or whatever kind of earphones. Those things were. And so little Red Dot started popping all mine. So I had this little red dot I looked at it. Sure enough, it was an email to email from. Will just like coach go Jones. Just ’cause you know I will go coast. Go Jones tells me about this athlete.

All he’s up. He’s a studies that three £215 quarterback runs a four 6540IN and got good bench press and 7700 yards in his in his career throwing and 91 touchdowns. He’s accounted for in his career and he got a 3.8 grade point average and. 27 ICT storage. I mean this guys all that’s what it says in his email but he’s not being recruited for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So I picked the phone up and I call this coach and I said just said the coach, the coach. How you doing? Thanks for the email of speed and agility training Tulsa. You know ’cause he was reaching out to me and I said OK, that’s great. So go some answers, question sure up and visit. Really running for six. Yes Sir it does and this also so sure enough really this is great. Pointers you say nobody is recruiting is great.

Yes Sir, OK? Wow. He’s a. He’s a he’s senior and it’s November and you guys have already finished their season. Wow, coach. And it looks so so, so many things clear. That’s really a 16 on the AC T and not a 26, right? Now it’s a 26. It comes. Y’all y’all. He’s not talking to anybody. And the coach stopping. And after I looked at him after looked at him after talking to him, I said one more thing I just said to him. I said, hey coach, this kids not being recruited by anybody. What is it? Is ugly as homemade saying and he scared all the women and children when he comes on campus and the coaches don’t want to sign it. And the coach began to cry. I could hear. Moms and dads today. So I’m a dad. I’m a dad. Some played vision football and I coaches college football. My daughter is an athlete visual nakhle as well. I mean there there there with that. That Lowe’s will chew. Well, this coach then tells me that this is not his only player who is. He’s also the bad.

Coach have you not notice that things have been for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? On a big change in the last 10 years of recruiting, what were you thinking about speed and agility training Tulsa? And he said to me, we thought if we were good enough, everybody would come find us. And I wanted, you know, I wanted to say and how’s that working out for you? But I already know how it’s working out for you. He was hurt and his sons Artba cause they believed if you’re good enough, though, fine folks. There’s hundreds of thousands of athletes all over this country that are good enough plan cover. Only four 9% that are found. And someone that a college coach trusts puts them in front of them, and that Coach decides to recruit. That’s how they become in that 14%. And if you’re talking about being Division One, possibly. Which is already is only 1%. Then it will be who you know. That will set you apart for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So very good that’s not good enough. You gotta be in the right place. You have no right people. You have right connections. And I’m not talking about those connections of speed and agility training Tulsa. Everybody claims they’ve got.