But that’s not why we do this to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. ’cause it’s important, it’s extremely important that you get that you get successful in speed and agility training Tulsa. Not only for us, but for you, and for every one of those kids you’re going to do with two. So keep in mind it’s the little things. The next thing I’m going to say is this. When you guys leave this training, you’re pointing com contact first, point of contact is always going to be Susan. And then you’ll come to me for certain things. The point I’m trying to make with that is, is that. You’re gonna start some of you. Because the way you’re wired. You’re going to say, well, I need to talk to so and so with new in NSR and figure out what they’re doing to be successful. Just they all know there’s reason why we have certain people actually do improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Wait, why do you think Chris Roberts? Why you think it is? We have certain people do training. Your top producers. Jerry why? Why would you wanna learn from anybody? That’s not the very best and several done speed and agility training Tulsa. I don’t mean that in Arabic way, why?

Why would you want to get information? So I tell people all the time, don’t go and. Let the blind lead the blind. And yeah, we have great people in our organization and they may enroll 678 kids a month and they’re doing a great job. But they’re still not necessarily doing everything the way that we train it the way we want it done every single day, or they would be doing 10 or 12 every single month. That’s a 30 or 40% increase in production from not doing things necessarily the way that we want to know. Now I don’t know about you. But take whatever money you made last year to add 30% to it. I don’t know about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Could you have used it at your house? I don’t care how much money you have or don’t have 30% on top of what you did do is pretty stinking good for speed and agility training Tulsa. Gay. I don’t mind. I don’t mind add another underground in my bottom line. No bother me, none at all, so I think I’ll do things the right way. So I saw all that to say this. Last year was our song that we had. I want you to listen to it. It’s a great song. And then we’re going to jump into the training this morning about. I guess I’m supposed to take us through. Protects or pre interview text and communication and they get interviewed for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. All that kind of stuff. So here we go. You guys have heard this song before. It’s no big deal but you understand it when you listen to it. Just take into words.

That I break out little bit of a chill bumps and the reason is but cause. How many of you? How many of you have gotten the idea that I’m? I’m a little intense? OK, fair enough. If you didn’t, you missed speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, if you didn’t you missed it guys, there’s nobody in our organization, not one, including anybody in this call. OK, there’s not one. That puts the value in understanding that they decided a long time ago to give a trophy to the winner. And keep score because that meant that it meant something. OK, not everybody gets a trophy and that’s the reason it ****** me off in the generation we have you guys that summer to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, our kids and grandkids and all that kind of stuff that they’re just ’cause they show up. They think they get one. Well, no, you don’t. And so I’m a firm believer that you have got all the talent in the world is individuals and you’ve gotta now go to do whatever it takes to make sure that that talent it grows. Then you become successful at whatever it is. I will share this one last story word. Before we go. How many beats like that?

I’m motivated by money. No. You’re right, I mean, don’t get me wrong, money pays the bills. I mean it does. How many think I’m motivated by fear? So you’re wrong. Explain it to you. Maybe it’ll make sense. i necessary to prepare to win. So that I don’t have to experience the feeling of getting bea at speed and agility training Tulsa. I fear getting beat. More than I enjoy. The victory and the failing of winning. Let me explain that to you in a player or someone in their life when they come to that point. They are extremely dangerous. In the most wonderful of ways. They’re dangerous in the fact that they will not let you figure out a way to win, and they will figure out a way to beat you but cause.

They don’t like to lose. And I say that because money comes and goes, awards coming go titles and and press clippings come and go improve vertical jump training Tulsa. But when you flat out decide deep down inside, you’re absolutely not going to let the Guy beach it. And if you’re going to be the best. Because you hate to lose. You will enjoy the winning piece of it so much. Because you hate to lose. And that sounds crazy because people find motivation so many different ways and I speak all over the country to motivational inspirational stuff for speed and agility training Tulsa. But I’m going to tell you each one of you when you decide that you want to be the very best because you don’t like not being the best. When Ricky Bobby saying in talent agenies so was it. He ain’t first last baby all right? Well I mean OK, fair enough, right? Yard rusty joke. About J Rob Roberson. You know, Chris James big Thing is he wants to beat me every month, OK? OK, fair enough, he did. OK, he did.