I told him the truth about improve vertical jump training Tulsa and the truth is a evaluated video so you’re not going to play at the University, Alabama, no scholarship. Moms and dads you gotta understand valuations for speed and agility training Tulsa, important evaluation is important for you to understand where your kids fits. Israel waste a lot of time, energy and have a lot of false hopes. If you don’t understand where they fit. Somebody said one time, but you can grow up. You know, when you’re little and you’re six, you can grow up to be anything you want to be. No, you can’t, that’s a lie. That is a lie. So quit telling everybody they’re going to get a trophy. You gotta fit the box. You gotta be smart enough. Hey, there are some jobs you gotta look the part. You got a 70 IQ? You’re never going to be President, United States, so don’t tell him that can you’re 5 foot one, £215 and your offense alignment.

Don’t tell him they’re gonna play SEC football ’cause they’re not. OK, how much war Daddy you are? Your 5 foot, three center or five foot three outside and you’re touching a two. I hate to tell you, but you are not going to play for Nebraska speed and agility training Tulsa. Your picture in here you’re right handed your 5657. I hate to tell you this pattern gas I was not gonna be recruiting for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I don’t care how bad you won’t play for. You gotta get evaluated properly. #3 in the process. By the way, if you’re not being evaluated properly, you don’t know where you’re going where you really fit. There’s really no way for you to understand recruiting process #3 comparison. Y’all gotta understand. Coaches are looked into everything alright there for one scholarship spot. They may start out with identification, recognition of 140 or 50 kids. So valuation I may take it to 90 to 100 to the comparison stage, which is stage three. They may take it down to like 40 or 50 an hour. At that stage, they’re looking at everything. They’re comparing huge, it detected there, comparing you, comparing your size, your speed or skill, set your attitude, your leadership, your parents. They’re trying to make sure they’re not crazy as a run over dog. So parents all better be behaving at the ball games for speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, it’ll be out there for improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

You know, being shared this behind the fence. If your softball baseball that but also your son is. He’s got all these talking. All these coaches when he’s not ’cause there could be a coach sitting right over there listening to you act stupid. So don’t act stupid. Don’t be hard. Argue with officials. Don’t be throwing chairs. Don’t do all this stuff. Paint kit. Also let me tell you this. Keep your social media clear. Pretty development this is Corey. Hey Mike, I’m well how are you? Bare stage is talking to 40 or 50 kids about one scholarship to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And he’s telling that kid, we like you here at the University of Mobile, we like you at Southern Miss you. I can’t wait for you to be black and gold. I can’t wait for you to be align at you and a we can’t wait for you to come there for speed and agility training Tulsa. He’s telling that same story to 40 other kids he’s making you feel special. And if you don’t understand. That process that you’re one of the narrow down to 40 that you’re going to put your eggs in a basket in which you may not ever see the basket come to fruition. So let me ask you all this question. If you’re one kid that needs one scholarship and he’s one coach, discount one scholarship to give and he’s talking to 40 or 50 kids in that final stage before the offer. How many coaches and programs do you think you should be talking to?

To get that one spot, one or two. Volleyball kids is 1400 and well, there’s 1600 and some odd different volleyball programs in the United States. Collegially you’re talking. 2:00 AM congratulations or your odds are good, aren’t they? You should be talking to the communicating way that we should be communicating with on your behalf. To 40 to 50 colleges in schools where you the same, the same prorated portion for speed and agility training Tulsa. Coaches are talking 4050. You should be talking to communicate before you improve vertical jump training Tulsa. The numbers don’t lie. Only 1% gonna play somewhere Division One level 1/2 of 1% will play at a power five school. 110th of 1% will get paid to do it for a living one day. Profession. Understand where you are in the process. If you’re not communicating with a college coach yourself, got your high school coach travel ball coach? If you and we are not communicating with that coach. You’re not even in the valuation of the comparison stage. Which means you can’t get to the office.

The offer is the last last part of this. That sounds good, thank you. Some of you’re sitting here and you’re saying, well, you know the rule instantly. Rules, say September 1 instantly rules, say June 15. You mean to tell me? You need to tell me. The Tim Walton Florida softball coaches know wait till September 1st to recruit the kid. That’s gonna help him with that championship. This will be the first time he’s laid eyes on. Folks. His works. He started watching a kid when she was in the eighth grade. Even with the rule change that kid knew. Believe new, the coach Walter was wanting to recruit her. Is that way I never sport. Yes, Sir. Your friend. Internet’s wrong with speed and agility training Tulsa. I too much attention this rivals garbage and gold and extra. Stop, it’s online at all. These websites are putting out all these organizations. You’re welcome. That 90% of that garbage. It’s about who you know. You don’t learn to improve vertical jump training Tulsa off the Internet. You learn it from somebody’s got skin on them that understands the full power of four pieces of this process and can help you get through that piece that process. Now, how many of you are actually in the process to raise your hand? Don’t worry, just think about moms and dads. Every hospital I’m having how many college coaches have you and your key to talk to this week?