Oh yeah, I know someone who did improve vertical jump training Tulsa, so I know coach Saban. Yeah no cook, no, you don’t you don’t have so many follow speed and agility training Tulsa. Don’t say you do. You can’t get anybody in front of him. But people promise that stuff all the time. It is so, you know. For such a poor, it’s not just being good enough. Another one is like how many kids I got here. I think of we saw some bonding ball athletes, softball girls ratio. OK, good, we get you here to football kids. Let’s talk about you guys. Hey so some other places, travel balls football right right? OK, wonderful moms and dad. Go thought about this real quick. Think about this travel ball and club volleyball. You know the average families gonna spend some 143rd and $50,000 / 5 year. Chasing their get all around the country to and travel sports. And you’re sitting here tonight and you don’t if you don’t have an offer in your hand or your not talking to the college coach, you gotta.

Do yourself exactly what am I doing to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Because people have a myth. Things like travel ball. And close volleyball means exposure. No, it done. It means you’re playing at a high level to get better to compete. Don’t ever confused. You’re going to play in the showcase. You’re going to play with some team. You’re going to play for some club and you’re going to get exposure. Let me share something with you guys. That is a myth about speed and agility training Tulsa. There’s a myth. We were at. Softball kids not only go and will share the name of one of the head coaches are very significant. Division One School walks up to me and we’re sitting having a conversation. And if we’re having that conversation, I settled down and he’s got his iPad with him and iPad. As a coach. You got, you got your list. Kids are here to see. So yes, Sir, I know exactly I’m here to see once I see him improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You know, pretty much do it. I said so. You’re not really here to find anybody, or he goes. No, I don’t get a place to find kids. I go to places to evaluate the kids I already know. Let that resonate, parents. Places to find kids that they already know.

And you know, if they know you because you communicate with, but I’ll talk more about that little bit. That’s only if trouble what about this? Hey, my high school coach got this. He made my hospital coach my my travel coach is gonna take care of it. We know somebody that knows somebody that does speed and agility training Tulsa. Ghost Jones how many hours in class? Or have you spent every day? 7. And then in season, how many hours a week are you spending? Just just training the kids and coaching another probably 30 hours. OK OK good. Go education history which other improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Girls like you so much for being an expert in history have been an expert educator and getting embedded what you do every day. As an educator that is so valuable to these young people. Let’s give him another round of applause for being such a great coach and expert in history. And they had a great recruiting, great coach that understands how to coach the game. Let’s give him a hand. Wonderful. Moms and dads. Are you going after this? He knows a little bit about recruiting. OK, he knows a little bit about it. But he doesn’t know what time. Now you have to understand everybody does speed and agility training Tulsa. Everybody’s gotta know what they know and know what they don’t know. And it’s OK, and you’re going to play for people though.

I’m gonna help recruit. I know recruiting, I’m gonna do this, OK? And then and then you’re depending on someone that’s an insurance agent 40 hours a week, or they own their own company that is in construction, or their engineer, or their teacher or their an educator or their high school coach. That’s what they do for a living every day. And you’re going to put it on them. That has no time. Because they are also married, have three kids, their own kids on the team to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And order the organization, and then you’re going to think that that person is going to be able to dedicate time to you that needs to be able to get recruited. Coaches in trouble is not the answer it it’s part of what you have to do. It’s an important part of what you need to do to develop as a player traveling club in those sports. But as far as depending on that coach’s not as full time job. He said that be kinda like me breaking my arm right here. Bone sticking through. And they go on and taking it myself to the best. BMW mechanic that I can find.

I mean he’s got the tools to fix the horn. He’s probably got a little knowledge you get on YouTube, he can figure it out I guess. But it’s gonna hurt. This can be painful. And they never gonna be right. Then we have one out to fix speed and agility training Tulsa, alright? And I’m not going to Pend on an expert something else. I’m actually going depend on somebody that does it every day. You gotta understand. Those are miss and those are the truths. Recruited. Let’s talk about the four stages. What we’ll do now is just transition over to the four stages and those those really simple to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It’s not difficult, but you’re going to be able to say if you’re all sitting here today in this conversation that we’re having about recruiting. Do this for me through this for me. Just make sure that when I say the information don’t just sit there and take the information from it. So that’s great information. Look at speed and agility training Tulsa. Realize all this great information and wow, this is where I am in those stages. When you put yourself in those stages, so here’s stage number one notification recognition stage #1.