I wanna just run through this stuff about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Make sure y’all are clear. You know where we want to meet at the field? I don’t want you to go evaluate 15 kids and tell me to do speed and agility training Tulsa, Oh yeah, I didn’t have any conversations with families. OK, well then you just wasted your day. Trying to call a family after the fact. Is difficult send interview, but if you find yourself in that situation. You have got to make them see you as a scout and the way to do that. Is get them on the phone. And go over a brief evaluation of what you really like that they do well and touch on a couple things they need to get better at. And then say hey, is she want to play in college? I just proved to them that I evaluated the kid first. Does that make sense to everybody? You’re going to always keep these conversations. Short you’re gonna ask questions to control improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We ask that you schedule these within three days if at all possible.

Do not offer to say, hey, I know we need to sit down and have a zoom or a or a FaceTime interview. However you wanna do your vulture virtual interviews for speed and agility training Tulsa. Don’t say any day this week would work. That sounds way too available. OK, you don’t wanna be the scout. That’s not busy. So listen Mom, I can do it Monday at 7:00 or Tuesday at 7. What works better for you if you if you offer back to back days if something’s not working? If you offer money at 7 and they can’t do it, then offer Tuesday. If you do a Wednesday, there’s a really good chance that they’re gonna. If they have practice on Monday that they may have one on Wednesday, use. If you do back to back, you’ll get a free day to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’m gonna ask you what would your response be where if they would ask you how much an interview is, would you say is free or would you say it? I would say I would kind of go wow Mom. Yeah for me to meet with y’all and explain the four stages of recruiting and where you are in the process. Of course, that’s free that you know to speed and agility training Tulsa.

Obviously my valuation is free. OK. Then I will go right into a question ’cause I will keep them from coming back with a question, alright? So when it all possible, keep your interviews within three days. If you schedule interviews out further than that, they’re going to have a lot higher cancellation rate. I prefer you not have to set interviews on the phone, but if you do go over your evaluation shortly, then go right into the questions. Just like we did like we talked about at the field to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Just understand that if you’re choosing to do this on the phone, a lot of people are a lot bolder on the phone then they will be face to face. You’re a lot more likely to get that wait, wait, WAIT, wait. What is this ’cause? If you don’t tell me what this ’cause we’re not sending it. Well, I’m not meeting with you. But people are gonna say that to your face they may say that on the phone I’d rather use it. Interviews face to face for speed and agility training Tulsa. melissa if somebody tells me hey i’m not going to do that if we’re not going to if you don’t tell me what this gonna cost i would say I know that I’m not gonna. I’m not gonna offer you what in Sr does so if we don’t need to meet that’s fun. I can remove her from my potential cleated I thought list.

You can also respond to them with. You know, if it’s if you’re there for row basketball game, it might. She schefsky was standing here. Would you walk over to him and ask him about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? You know how much scholarship money is going to offer your your son or Dawn Staley were standing here? How much scholarship money you know for my daughter at the University of South Carolina? No, they they need to. They need to understand there’s a direct process, but also address relationship and correlation. It isn’t, you know to do speed and agility training Tulsa. There’s not a tremendous difference between your valuation. Ana College Coaches evaluation website. ’cause they’re my peers there there, my peers were we communicate with one another. Yep. And you they wouldn’t tell you they wouldn’t. You wouldn’t ask them that question. You know it’s part of the valuation process. And say you know, Mom, that you wouldn’t ask him that or I hope you wouldn’t ask that you know it. The recruiting process. It’s murky and I get it. But I promise I will answer all of your recruiting questions when I when we talk on Tuesday night at seven, OK Mom and Dad is at work. Well, I’ve got another evaluation over here to go do so. It’s been really nice to meet you. I look forward to our call and she said. You know, I’m just gonna divert it and go on. Alright, anything else about speed and agility training Tulsa? Any other questions? Any other concerns? I let’s talk about homework. Stop that homework.

One question. If I’m taking notes on this like do I just wait till after I’m done talking with him about improve vertical jump training Tulsa so I can keep the convo rolling? Or is it OK? If you wanna take a note, you can, but if you look down and you do that, there’s a good chance they’re gonna hammer you with a question. So it really needs to be, you know, I need to be tuned in enough that I can remember what they say and then as soon as I get done with that conversation, I will go jot down what they said because I’m going to need to go back to that information when we’re doing an interview. OK. But if I pause too much writing, they will start hammering me with questions, so I’m not. I’m not going to do that, I’m just going to be all plugged into the conversation. Alright, let’s look at page 49.