Taking up real estate out there, we have new scouts that are going on that there are going to work out there. We also have a couple new scouts that are becoming licensees that’s exciting for them and for us, so they’ll be taking territories. The reason I say this. Our map is ever changing. Some are even getting certified with project pure athlete to improve vertical jump training Tulsa And yes, now we’re able to with social media and these big speed and agility training Tulsa events were kind of able to get outside of our area, and we want to encourage that. But we need to do it. We need to be very organized. You may check in area and it’s all clear. Well, if we’re doing our jobs right. We’re trying to fill that area with a quality scout, so there’s a real good chance the tone down the road. That area will be taken, so all I ask is if anytime that you go outside your area, just please be mindful that there are others out there and that you need to check and make sure that that. Area in Lean is clear for you to work. Your speed and agility training Tulsa. Should be everybody’s working together. Everybody’s doing a great job of working as a team. Pretty much the only time we will have an issue is when somebody didn’t know how to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We will figure it out. So if you will just make sure that you check before you go into a territory outside. Of yours. Continue to work together.

Please get those college speed and agility training Tulsa requests in. Great month Super, Super excited about seeing all the new names up at the top of the speed and agility training Tulsa leaderboard. That’s awesome to say. Great job everyone. I didn’t take too much of your time this morning. Brian’s got something he wants to add. Hey guys, good morning, hope everybody is having a great start to your week. The only thing I want to add is as we talk about improve vertical jump training Tulsa and different things like that is. We also need to be thinking about our funnels. And thinking about generating speed and agility training Tulsa leads, you know right now in a lot of the areas of the country you have in playoffs for your spring sports, it’s a great time to reach out to the high school coaches in your area, congratulating them on making it to whatever round of the playoffs that they’re in. Letting them know that that you’re looking to come out watching what underclassmen do to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They have, especially given the 2223’s that you should be paying attention to. Great opportunity to do that.

And again, don’t forget throughout the year as you’re watching. No matter what sport it is to send out some congratulatory emails or text to the high school coaches in your area. You know, even though we don’t use them nearly as much as we have in the past, is always good to have the know who you are because they always have kids that are there that you may be able to see during club travel season and be able to use them as hey, your coach told me, you’re somebody who could play at the next level. Also man, I want to commend everybody this involved in soccer man, what a great job this past month of building the soccer final man. You guys knocked it out of the park and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve seen soccer table lead last month on on contracts and enrollments because you guys did a great job in improving vertical jump training in Tulsa but even outside of Tulsa around the country we are seeing this.. So increase the rest of you too as well. Hey. If we got books from from last summer for sports or from the fall, make sure to go ahead and get those in so we can build those files ’cause we see direct correlation of the size of the funnel and the number of enrollments. So continue to do that.

Continue to build that. So really, that’s kind of what I wanted to say here today is just continue to build your your database is continuing to build your leads so we can move forward with that. I will I will wrap it up from here. Real quick wanted to kind of go through the little list of scouts that we have in training. We have a bill Fulton from Pennsylvania. Bills are going to be joining us. I won’t go through all their sports in different things, but I will at least hit it real quick. You know, bills a football guide we have. Chris Johnson. This is going to be joining us. Improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Chris is going to be working in Louisiana. Will be doing some softball, actually has a a daughter that’s going to be applied in LSU here in a year or so. We got Christian Fowler and Mississippi football guy Clint Borner out in Texas doing some women’s basketball and basketball in general. Corey an.

I’ll be honest we cordless else. You got it yes coreyy else is certified vertical jump coach with project pure athlete and works with athletes to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’m not sure I’m sure I butchered your name so you can blame Larry for that. ’cause I couldn’t hear when he was whispering it to me. I don’t have the producers in my ear telling me enough, but we have Korean Oklahoma going to be doing some some volleyball speed and agility training Tulsa excited for that. Eric out Landry out in a Pennsylvania in Garry’s area. Doing some basketball Jack SIBO up in Connecticut. Can we do a small cross course up in that area? J Calhoun and Wisconsin and going to be doing some wrestling up in that area in scouting force there. Jerry Lehman in Arizona doing some baseball. Looking forward to that mess and great talent out that way. As we know and I’m not even attempt this last last name. It is. It’s our start. It’s our brother from Hawaii. Nate will just go with that and will let more BT tell us all how to pronounce it later on. But they will be doing football for us out there in Hawaii and then we so excited to see the growth beginning this week of training.