Now if I have if I have a parent that’s reached out to me about their third baseman for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, that’s not to say I’m not gonna work with that kid. That means I need to look at that kid, but I need to see him back ’cause they need to have a big bat, right? That makes sense to do speed and agility training Tulsa. Everybody. Everybody got me around my locking up on you. I got you. Alright, thank you there. Call Corey yes, ma’am. Easiest position is for me to get recruited. Setter and hitter. I heard Senator, what else did you say outside hitter? Alright, so I don’t know if it’s just me or if I can’t hear Corey but outside hitter. There you go, go ahead. Outside hitter right outside hitter center middles as well. Alright, that front row is going to be very easy to get recruited, yes. They have good height. And they have good hops. OK, I can do something with those kids. That’s that’s a no brainer.

The hardest positions to get recruited on the volleyball court or. Yeah DS labaro singers. I never go looking for a DS or Lebara. They will come to me. and i’m going to DS is in LA. Barrows usually are the spunkiest kid on the court. They usually got the best attitude, reason their back. There’s ’cause they’re short and they they they’re hustler. There a go getter. They always work extremely hard to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They usually coach up the team really well. That’s just the personality that position of speed and agility training Tulsa. And those kids that want to play the next level, you will get more. More than enough of them coming to you. I did not need to load up my database of he gets a specialist in liberos. Because the college coaches are not going to sign any and they’re not going to put that many on money for you. That’s just how it is. So minor gonna get money. And I’m going to be able to get my recruited, but I don’t need 100 barrows. Alright, I know I’ll take 100 medals outside all day long. Those are special, third tall, but those little arrows that’s going to be harder, and those are going to come to eat. That’s just like the 1st and the 3rd. I’m not typically going to look for a person of third unless I, if they’re just constantly just jacking balls. And then I’m gonna go OK. You know what I mean about improve vertical jump training Tulsa?

Alright, does that make sense? Yes. Alright, let’s talk about football. Which positions? Are the easiest for me to get colors coaches to recruit for speed and agility training Tulsa. Offensive lineman lineman. Christian, you’re exactly right. All based upon men all day long. All fields alignment all day long. I. What are the most difficult positions on the football field to get recruited? First, piracy would be back. Alright somebody somebody speak up, I didn’t hear anything else in. Order back. Quarterback wide receiver defensive back. You know, quarterback? That’s the problem with the quarterback is a lot of times the high school quarterback is a quarterback ’cause he got coordinated quicker than the other kids. And the other kids may have grown past him, and he may not be the stature of a collegiate quarterback. Not always, sometimes sometimes you got, that’s just where they put their best athlete and he may be a great athlete, but not a collegiate quarterback.

And so you gotta find out for a quarterback. Are you only going to be happy playing quarterback in college? Are you doing speed and agility training Tulsa? Are you willing to be considered as an athlete to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Enough. The other thing about quarterbacks says I’ve gotta start working with them early. I need to sign water backs as freshmen and sophomores because college coaches decide who they’re gonna go with and they build their offense around that you cannot wait. You do not wanna pick up senior quarterback. Obviously if you got a 6 four guy with a cannon and he’s a senior and he slipped through the cracks, he’s got a great AC T score and a great GPA will find a place for that. I realize that’s gonna be hard and he’s not going to go as high as he should have. But I don’t want to load up with that. The other positions that are very hard to get recruited kickers linebacker it’s activating. It’s aggravating games are lost every week in football season because of of your special teams are kickers.

And I just still don’t want money in him. It’s amazing. Long snappers difficult. Did you get recruited to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? OK, I’m not hearing what you said, whoever said sorry I was gonna say longsnapper for. Yeah. Any specialty by really? Killed kids, you know they got speed or something. We can do something with those kids defensive lineman. We can do something with those kids, but let’s go back. We said offensive lineman are the easiest to get recruited. What is a college coach? Expect in speed and agility training Tulsa? When he’s looking at an offensive lineman, what is he looking for? Good footwork. Footwork, what do they expect about their grades? Put enough. Good intellectual smart. Offensive lineman should be some of the smartest kids on the field. Right, it’s a center. Alright, so he’s gotta be a smart kid, but not looking for 2/2 GPS. They’re looking for this smart kid that said, office align mentality. Just know what the college coaches are looking for. Talk about golf. Who am I looking forward to golf? I don’t think I had anybody here that’s playing now working golf and it’s one of our favorite sports the cables. But obviously, with golf, we’re looking at handicap. We’re looking at scoring average on improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and we’re looking at the length of the courses they’re playing. But guys you don’t wanna go over with a two point anything GPA because that’s not what the college coaches expect for speed and agility training Tulsa. They expect the four. Plus they expect a 30 on the ACT.