So when you think of the Dust Bowl, don’t think of Speed and agility training tulsa because we got the green rolling Hills up up here in the Northeast I the suburb of Fayetteville. OK, there you go. So I’ve been coaching improve vertical jump training Ttulsa now for about 6 months. Tulsa. Yeah Tulsa Oklahoma. Women’s volleyball now for the last five years, both club an school ball I got involved in it. My sister was the two collegiate athlete for volleyball a bit. Montana State University Billings and she was around the sport for quite a while, growing up watching her got to play in and improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Some did some speed and agility training tulsa sand here and on the banks of the Arkansas River and. Just got invited to to start coaching and so that’s kind of where I got involved with volleyball where I know the importance of improve vertical jump training Tulsa and was doing that part time while I was working for the local utility here and here in Tulsa and.

I decided that you know, working with these athletes, these athletes are on a team sport, but the team isn’t getting a college scholarship. The individual athlete is. And so. So I would get a lot of questions about you know, playing time and and you know I wanted to work on some things with some of these athletes outside of the practice court mainly improving their vertical jump training in the city limits of Tulsa and in the suburbs like Broken Arrow. And so I decided I wanted to start up my own Voted best Speed and agility training tulsa company. It’s called Pro Day and I wanted to really test these athletes on their individual abilities, athleticism. In comparison to their peers, and so I I started that ended up quitting my full time job with the local utility and now we run the largest scouting combine, rolling scouting combine in the state of Oklahoma, where more than 2000 athletes can compare themselves versus other athletes from their age group on their Speed and agility training tulsa. We also improve improve vertical jump training Tulsa by as many as 4 inches in just 2 months. And and so you get it. You get to test them. But we also train athletes, so we have we were just. Voted the number one sports performance trainers in the in the Tulsa area by the local newspaper Tulsa World and so we work with athletes to get them to jump higher to accelerate faster. To be a better athlete on the court. And so. I hired another NSR scout, actually last October Jackson Rogers to run our Speed and agility training tulsa. He’s a soccer scout with NSR and I thought it would be a great opportunity to check this out and see if it would be something to have two employees from Pro Day as NSR scouts and really combine. He was also named best perosjnal trainer Tulsa World. What we know, our knowledge and and really. Succeed with NSR.

Awesome, thank you Korean and you know Corey and I were talking back and forth and more. The wheels are spinning in my head about the opportunities that these guys are going to have up there. In fact you know I reached out to Jackson two and said man you better buckle up ’cause this is fixed and roll and. You know to dovetail the. Training part of this into the scouting and evaluating enrollment kids and helping kids with that is it. It’s just it. Imagine you take care of one of your prospects and you do a great job for him get him used to improve vertical jump training Tulsa and get him placed. How that’s gonna blossom? How that could to grow tenfold. Word of mouth and then we start doing the social media parts of it code, branding, that sort of stuff. Man, it’s just gonna be awesome opportunity to. For us both to to grow in that region up there again. Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas. You know under utilized territories. Wide open we got softball up there stablish pretty good. I work some baseball and football in those regions. But not a lot of volleyball now a lot of soccer goldmine waiting to happen. That swhat I thought too to use our Voted best Speed and agility training tulsa to really grow the region. Hoping so open so. And love that produce shirt. By the way, my address is 128 times. You got it. You got it. Alright, alright let’s see who’s next here? Ah, let’s go to Hawaii. To big Nate Nate, it worked all night. Are you you doing alright? You hang in there. Muted. You’re muted. Still need it. Still need it. Bingo. Yeah. Yeah, just got up this thing. Hi everyone, hopefully yes can hear me clear. Yeah, I just got off work. So yeah, I work part time as a stevedore over here on the docks in Honolulu. Usually just Sunday on call, but we pretty much work every Sunday. So. There’s that, but I’m doing OK.

Becoming anxious to get on with this training to kind of meet everybody will ask me to go ahead and have the video up so I don’t get to see everybody, so it’s good to see it better right now, but. Just a little bit about myself. It’s been good to kind of actually hear everybody go, but I just think it’s like a common thread. You know, a lot of us have a passion, not just for sports but. Full upcoming athletes for a lot of the youth. All the individual backgrounds I think is awesome. You know from the journalists. Some of the people that have been in the administration. As for me, I’m a former athlete. A military kid so. I’ve grown up all over the country. I just ended up back in Hawaii, but I’ve lived in Oklahoma. My brothers all but the Carlyle Bergen Midwest City. I actually ended up graduating high school in Virginia outside of Quantico. I played high school ball. My dad was then stationed here in Hawaii my senior year, so I stayed in Virginia, but then ended up. Coming in the University of Hawaii, ’cause my mom wanted me to to play out here so. As far as recruiting goes we did measureabvles that tested improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

I’m add told brothers, who kind of fell through the cracks. My parents had no idea how recruiting works, so there’s that. Unfortunately, is the third one, so they kind of had got everything together. So I understand the importance of parents needing to learn or have an understanding of how this thing kind of works. Because I’m a product of that. Later pinball in Hawaii. I had some good years here. I ended up in. Philadelphia got drafted Eagles so the King pressure guys familiar with that area has gotten I small. After all that. Much like everybody else came back.