Alright, other sports we need to talk about for speed and agility training Tulsa. Basketball. Where do you think you’d be for basketball? Thoughts, thoughts about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? I like being around the scoreboard because I’m gonna get a lot of Oz that direction. I don’t like being in the stands and basketball kind of like football because if I’m in a stand. I’m assumed to be a fan and I can’t be mistaken as a fan. So I typically stand when I’m scouting, not always, or else I’m going to sit somewhere to the side, but kind of away from people, but where I can still be sitting? I’m a good thing to do in basketball at the half after the cheerleaders do their thing. You might walk across to the to the table and ask him a couple questions about speed and agility training Tulsa, and a few of the kids and people realize wow, there’s a scout here. Value any kids that’s going to help improve vertical jump training Tulsa. In this corner cord near the locker room.

Or traffic comes in and out or the front door, but usually there’s a corner into the court. We are, you know. You can be seeing yet everybody can see you as they’re walking in. Yeah, the kids can see you. As there are moving back and forth, he’s more important. Who needs to see me at speed and agility training Tulsa? Mom and Dad were the kids. And it changes everything for them when they see a scout evaluating their kid. Alright, any other sports when you talk about volleyball? You know volleyball? I kind of changed my rule about sitting. I don’t mind sitting in a volleyball stand and it’s because most volleyball stands are pretty sparse. Yes, there’s not a lot of people there, right? So I can sit all to myself a little bit. And it not be like I’m a fan and I can be seen doing what I’m doing. Taking notes that kind of stuff that I. Then I can’t at a basketball game that’s usually more crowded. What are not wanna do is a guy in volleyball. I don’t want to be behind him when they’re receiving. That just looks like you’re a creeper. Fair enough, yes.

The side view is a lot better for a male that’s trying to evaluate evaluate volleyball athlete for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Alright, let’s say wrestling. You gotta be somewhere you can be saying, and I realize it depends on the venue. It depends on how many people are there for speed and agility training Tulsa. I mean, you get it, you know where you were at when you were a college coach recruiting and that’s going to be similarly where you want to be. Is it bad for families for families to see you? With the college coaches is that bad for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Not at all. Not at all. There are peers as who we’re going to be getting these kids in front of, so that’s not a bad thing at all. Let’s say. I think this most of the sports we talked about we haven’t talked about lacrosse of course is gonna be once again. It’s going to be dependent on the field and where you can be kind of like soccer where you’re just trying to be somewhere that you can be seen and it can be very dependent on the facility you’re at. But just keep in mind that your goal is to be able to watch the kids speed and agility training Tulsa, but to be noticed that you’re there watching kids. Because when if I’m a parent an I see you there watching kids. What is my hope as a parent? You’re there to watch my kid. That’s right, that’s what I’m hoping for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So if after the game or at some point in the game you come over to me and say hey is number 12 years son, I really like his skills. He’s got some great skills, is he wanted to play in college?

You just made my world. And that’s kind of what we’re trying to do. Because we did, we just took him from 5% to 95%. If we enroll this kid. Alright. Was saying. Go the next page. Let’s talk about our online image. Alright, so obviously a personal image when we’re adding a bit we’ve got. We’ve gotta look the part. We’ve got to be saying looking the part we gotta be seeing, evaluating kids. I need to have a great online image these days for speed and agility training Tulsa. By go out with my shirt on. People are gonna find me on social media. That’s what they do. People are very good at stalking you and and we want them to be able to do that. But you got built. No, I’m just saying it’s it’s a great point, just being visible and things like that, that’s all. For sure. Parents, especially parents of younger teenagers, really like to stalk. People that they think are going to be involved in their kids lives. So they’re gonna wanna find you on Facebook. That’s usually where they go.

I realized Facebook is not where the kids are. Facebook is where moms and dads and grandparents are. And that’s ultimately, ultimately who’s giving me their debit card for $3500. So I want a good presence on Facebook. I need a presence on Facebook so that when they come to stalk me. They go to my wall and they’re impressed by everything that in Sr is doing. Not everything superscript is doing, but everything in SRS do. So our goal is to make it that way for you. We’re going to do that today at improve vertical jump training Tulsa. This is part of your homework. So if you go ahead and write down homework somewhere, I will be giving you information that you need to do. Please make sure you have a Facebook account that is public. And it should be a personal account, not a business account. We have the business accounts at the Home Office. It needs to be a personal account because you’re personally going to be talking to me about my kid. This is not a business relationship for most families is a personal relationship with you.