Contributing Institution: Northeastern State University

Department: Health and Human Performance (HHP)

Student: Nick Steen HHP 2021


Why Should I Try Pro Day?

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Why should my child exercise?

One of the most significant decision you can make on your child’s life is encouraging them to participate in daily exercise. Everyday exercise not only affects their physical health but also has a tremendous effect on their overall health. There are tons of mental and social health benefits as well as many skills to be learned from working out. Learning to exercise at a young age is a critical factor to developing important characteristics in life. Exercising can help build the confidence of a self-conscious or introverted teen, especially in school. Having confidence is crucial when making the right decision in peer pressured settings or asking a question in class. Kids who exercise also get better sleep and are more focused when studying in the classroom. Self-discipline is also learned through working out, which is essential to controlling your actions, feelings, and emotions, specifically when life gets tough. Working out can be hard and staying on schedule is difficult, but doing so teaches time management and organizational skills. Encouraging kids to engage in exercise can help them develop knowledge on the importance of physical activity and even nutrition. If children are introduced and taught on these subjects, they will be more likely to be more health conscious and successful as adults.

The Partnership between NSU and Pro Day Speed and Agility Training Tulsa began in 2020 and is mutually beneficial including improve vertical jump training Tulsa. 

What if I don’t play sports?

Not everyone has the aspiring dreams of running into the endzone, shooting the ball as buzzer goes off, or even making that game winning penalty kick; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to exercise regularly. Even constant moderate or light amounts of exercise can lead to an overall more satisfied and successful life. There is a feeling of achievement when you are faced with a challenge and overcoming it. Taking that time to take part in daily exercise can improve your confidence and make you feel more energetic throughout the day. Engaging in physical activity also has positive mental health effects in relieving stress, anxiety and reducing depression. Taking a timeout in your day to do something you actually want to do is necessary to living a happy life. Working out isn’t all about running and lifting weights, there are tons of ways to get exercise. Hobbies are one of the best ways to enjoy physical activity. You can make new friends go on a bike ride, take a hike, swim, dance, or play a pickup game of basketball. Anything that involves some constant physical movement can be considered exercise.

NSU Tahlequah and now NSU Broken Arrow offers health and Human Performance classes to train today’s students how to become a personal trainer including speed and agility training Tulsa and Improve Vertical Jump Training Tulsa.

But I already workout.

         Sure, most sports programs already provide a time and place for their athletes to train and workout. Those programs are composed of very sport specific workouts. At Pro Day, we work on the areas that those programs miss. Our workouts create multisport athletes that are proficiently developed all around. All of the workouts created focus on the 5 fundamental aspects of an athlete: Speed, Power, Explosiveness, Agility and Reaction. If you struggle in one of these areas or want to get ahead of the competition, we can provide assistance and further your success. Other benefits that we provide that you may not have access to is combine testing and recovery exercises. We combine test for all athletes and record your results to compare against other athletes through our AthELITE App. We also provide recovery treatment through on-site compression therapy which can be used at any time. Try us for 1 week for only $1 and see if it fits you.

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