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Stop this immediately if you are a coach a parent or if you are an athlete and you have to say in your warmup schedule in preparation for practice, a game, or training.

Static stretching is probably what you are used to. Its what we all grew up doing for years without a deep look into what its actually doing to your body in preparation for competition. Static Stretching is basically where you hold a stretched position for say 10 seconds at the end range of a muscle, there is no movement and the idea here was that if I stretch my muscle to its max now, albeit for a short period of time, then during a competition if my muscle is called upon to stretch it isn’t the first time today that it will have reached its max stretch.

It’s a good idea in theory however after much research in the field by the nation’s top medical professionals it’s been called out for putting your athlete in a false sense of security in that they are now prepared for competition.

Instead, what medical experts and trainers agree instead of static stretching before a competition is to go through a series of Dynamic Warmups. Dynamic warmups are designed to provide a full range of motion for the sport or activity you are about to perform. It’s intended to introduce the athlete to a ramped-up routine so that they are energized by the warm-up as opposed to their competition still doing static stretching and essentially jumping into high-level competition with stretched but cold muscles.

At Pro Day we have developed a complete list of dynamic stretch warmups that we put every athlete through to target movements they are about to perform. These warmups are posted in the gym in the warmup area in case you forget the routine. The first 10 minutes of the class is reserved for proper dynamic stretching and warmup. It’s vitally important to your body that you arrive on time and get this full warmup complete before jumping into HIIT training.

Static stretching does have a place in competition however its best to perform static stretching after a hard workout or competition.

What Can Your Athlete Learn From Lebron James?

Lebron James the athlete of the decade for the 2010s. What gives him the advantage among his peers in the same game, the same ball, and the same rules.

Well, let me tell you what I have researched. Lebron has put his faith and trust in 2 people in his life. His coaches, and there’s been several, and his trainer, there’s been one, Mike Macias. Over the past 15 years, Mike has been training Lebron to be the best athlete he can be while his coaches focus on how they can make Lebron the best player he can be. You see Lebron knows that he needs a trainer to push him harder and more often than his competitors. That’s the secret.

Your athlete has the same advantages right here in Tulsa. Like Mike, Pro Day Trainers have the time, the equipment, and they know how to make your athlete stronger faster and more explosive in their sport, and we can prove it.

We have developed sports performance testing similar to what you would see in the NFL or NBA combines on tv, but we’ve developed it for every major sport and now youth athletes get the opportunity to rank themselves versus their peers down to the millisecond and centimeter on measurables that are important to their sport. Now if an athlete isn’t happy with where they rank, maybe it is to their best friend or a cross-town rival well we have an immediate customer in that athlete.

They are going to enroll in our proprietary sports performance training designed to do just that increase their ranks on the leaderboard. It’s a combination of High-intensity Interval training, weightlifting, cross-functional training, and speed training that we put these athletes through 2 months before we test them again. And our results don’t lie. Our athletes are 10% faster, 179% stronger, they jump 4 inches higher on average in two months, are 8% more agile and 9% more reactive. No other gym or trainer is doing anything like this and they’re not backing up by science like we are.

To an outsider, we are a gym but to an investor… We are a proprietary franchising powerhouse that sits on a tech platform able to scale in ways no one has before.

We have already contracted with professional athletes and trainers from across the country ready to build out and endorse our systems.

Out of our Broken Arrow Ok headquarters, we will beam out our daily workout videos so that the franchisee and trainer on staff don’t have to focus on designing the content but engaging the community and executing our program.
Now a Tulsa area athlete currently has insight into their peers here in Tulsa but soon, for example, a 7th-grade female basketball player will be able to rank herself versus thousands of athletes in Tampa, Kansas City, Durango Colorado and Missoula Montana in real-time making us scale exponentially and making it very difficult for someone to copy us.
If you are an athlete, a coach, a club director, or an entrepreneur seeking a booming franchise or maybe you have a connection and want to join our team please reach out to us to discuss opportunities.