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High Elbow vs. Low Elbow (Neutral Shoulder) Explained

We all need a foundation behind our beliefs and id like to say that we think we found something in the science that suggests that we need to be teaching our athletes from an earlier age to utilize low elbow or neutral shoulder hitting mechanics. Everyone is choosing what they want to believe so here is where we will dive into our belief that what we (yes WE admittedly) have taught our athletes in volleyball over decades may actually be going against their natural movement via their anatomy and causing shoulder pain unintentionally. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Thankfully we ran across Billy Gilsan and the Powercore360 Founder and decades of experience. He brought to our attention that a solution right in front of our very eyes in baseball, javelin, football all sports that that use a low elbow to start their overhand throw. Why don’t we also teach that for volleyball hitting mechanics? IS this something we really need to consider here at Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons? Let’s Dive in.

I go to the science and I go to the Physiology, and we can say things like bio mechanics, but I go in deeper. What’s the anatomy? What are the lines of pull on muscles and lines of pull on fascia? I looked at a couple of the videos that you sent and yeah, I mean they’re, they are tall females with really long arms, and they because the length of their arm, they can create a lot of arm speed, right? And they’re tall and they’re on a women’s net, they can hit the ball down. Great, so they’re having success with that, but it’s not based on any anatomy except theirs. There’s is just a long arm they’re going to create long they’re going to create a lot of arms power.

Let’s just look at the shoulder in in in general, male or female. It doesn’t matter which gender you want to go to. I’m going to try to give you some information and some references. When you say research, be careful because research doesn’t mean that these are research articles. But let’s just say science, because there are plenty of textbooks on anatomy, Physiology, biomechanics.